Hypertension Busan 2020

in Conjunction with the 52nd Scientific Meeting of the
Korean Society of Hypertension

2020.8. 7 (Fri) - 8 (Sat) BEXCO, Busan, Korea

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Program at a Glance

Day1 / 2020.08.07 (Fri)

Time in Time out Room A Room B Room C
09:00 10:00 Industry Sponsored Symposium I
Silver [Menarini]
Industry Sponsored Symposium II
Silver [Boryung]
Meet the Expert I : Lifestyle Modification: Evidence Based Approach
10:10 10:20 Opening Ceremony
10:30 11:40 Blood Pressure and Clinical Outcomes in Specific Population Get to know GLP-1 Receptor Agonist
(Working Group on Metabolic Syndrome)
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Special Population Group
(Working Group for Blood Pressure Monitoring)[Eng]
11:40 12:20 Luncheon session I
Diamond [Daewoong&Daiichi-Sankyo]
Luncheon session II
Platinum [Takeda&Donga-ST]
New Approach to Blood Pressure Monitors in the Mercury-Free Era [Eng]
12:30 12:50 Break Time (방역)
12:50 13:10 Hypertension in the Era of High Risk Pregnancy Impact of Long-Term Blood Pressure Variability
on Cardiovascular Disease
(Hypertension Epidemiology Research Group)
Break Time (방역)
14:05 Current Update for Resistant Hypertension (Working Group of Resistant Hypertension)
( ~ 14:25 )
14:05 14:30 Break Time (e-Poster Exhibition: Exhibition Hall)
14:15 15:30 Live e-Poster (1F, Room 124)
14:30 15:30 Industrial Satellite Symposium I
Gold [MSD]
Industrial Satellite Symposium II
Sliver [Jeil]
A to Z of Sleep Apnea and Hypertension
15:30 16:45 Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
(Basic Hypertension Research Group)
Pathophysiology of Hypertensive Cerebrovascular Disease
(The Research Society for Hypertensive Cerebrovascular Diseases)
Therapeutic Implication of BP Variability
16:45 18:00 Kidney and Hypertension (신장고혈압) Debate Session I: Using Antihypertensive Drug in Prehypertension KSH/Malaysian Society of Hypertension Joint Symposium [Eng]
[How to Manage Prehypertension Epidemics and Risk actor clustering]

Day2 / 2020.08.08 (Sat)

Time in Time out Room A Room B Room C
7:00 7:40 Industry Sponsored Symposium III
Silver [Ildong]
Industry Sponsored Symposium IV
Silver [Green Cross]
8:00 9:00 Industry Sponsored Symposium V
Silver [Daewon pharm]
Industry Sponsored Symposium VI
Silver [Samjin]
( ~ 8:40 )
Meet the expert II: Keywords in the Patient Centeredness in Hypertension [Eng]
9:00 10:00 Prevention of Heart Failure from Hypertension
(Working Group on Hypertension Complication)
Effective Way to Improve Lifestyle and Drug Adherence Update of Pulmonary Hypertension Imaging 2020 [Eng]
(Korean Research Society of Pulmonary Hypertension)
10:00 10:20 Break Time (e-Poster Exhibition: Exhibition Hall)
10:15 11:30 Live e-Poster (1F, Room 124)
10:20 11:30 Central Blood Pressure in the era of Automated Office Blood Pressure Industrial Satellite Symposium VII
Gold [Servier]
( ~ 11:20 )
Optimizing Hypertension Management in the Elderly [Eng]
11:30 12:15 Special Lecture [Eng]
12:30 13:30 Luncheon Symposium III
Platinum [Yuhan]
Luncheon Symposium IV
Platinum [Pfizer]
Update on Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Hypertension [Eng]
(Pediatric Hypertension Society))
13:10 13:30 Break Time (방역)
13:30 13:50 Industrial Satellite Symposium III
Gold [Hanmi]
KSH/Korean Society of Adult Nursing(KSAN) Joint Symposium: Patient Centered Clinical Communication in Hypertension and Chronic Diseases
( ~ 15:00 )
Break Time (방역)
14:30 [개원의와 전공의를 위한 고혈압 기본 교육 프로그램] Hypertension Fundamental Educational Curriculum for General Practitioners and Trainees Session I. 고혈압의 진단(How to Diagnose Hypertension?)
( 13:50 ~ 15:20 )
15:00 15:30 Talk Show Break Time (e-Poster Exhibition: Exhibition Hall)
15:30 16:30 Debate Session II: Intensive BP Control in AF Anticoagulation Educational Session: Clinical Application of Arterial Stiffness and Central BP, Case-Based Learning
( ~ 16:20 )
[개원의와 전공의를 위한 고혈압 핵심 교육 프로그램] Hypertension Core Curriculum for General Practitioners and Trainees Session II. 고혈압의 치료(How to Treat Hypertension?)
16:30 17:00 Plenary Lecture [Eng]
17:00 17:15 Closing Ceremony