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Program at a Glance

Day1 / 2019.11.08 (Fri)

Time in Time out Room A (3F) Room B (3F) Room C (3F) Room D (6F)
09:00 10:15 Industry Sponsored Symposium I
Industry Sponsored Symposium II(한국메나리니) Industry Sponsored Symposium III(제일약품) Meet the Expert Session I [E]
10:15 10:25 Opening ceremony
10:25 11:40 Blood Pressure Monitroing : Updates in Blood Pressure Monitoring[E] Pathophysiology : Vascular Structure and Function New Technology to Measure Blood Pressure Clinical Research Award
11:40 12:50 Luncheon I (한국세르비에) Luncheon II(유한양행) Luncheon III(대웅제약&한국다이이찌산쿄) Meet the Expert Session II [E]
12:50 14:05 Hypertension in HF [E] Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation Blood Pressure Variability, Updates Young Investigator Award [E]
14:30 15:30 Satellite Symposium I(녹십자) Satellite Symposium II(한국엠에스디) Adherence Oral I: International session [E]
5F, Park Ballroom : Moderated Poster with Coffee Break [E]
15:30 16:45 KSH-INASH Joint Symposium [E] Hypertension in Women Exercise and Cognitive Decline, Preventive Approach Obesity/Diabetes
16:45 18:00 Impact of Socioeconomic Status on the Prevalence and Management of Hypertension [E] Refractory Hypertension Hypertension and Neurological Disease Pulmonary Hypertension Guideline Session

Day2 / 2019.11.09 (Sat)

Time in Time out Room A (3F) Room B (3F) Room C (3F) Room D (6F)
07:00 08:00 Industry Sponsored Symposium IV
- Breakfast Session
Industry Sponsored Symposium V
- Breakfast Session(삼진제약)
Industry Sponsored Symposium VI
- Breakfast Session(대원제약)
Meet the Expert Session III [E]
08:00 09:00 Council Meeting Oral II: International session [E] Oral III: International session [E]
09:40 10:15 Hypertension Guidelines: Asian Pacific Perspectives [E] KSH-KNS Joint Symposium Evidence Generating Researches - NECA Pediatric Hypertension Guideline [E]
10:30 11:30 5F, Park Ballroom : Moderated Poster with Coffee Break[E]
10:30 11:30 Satellite Symposium III
Satellite Symposium IV(한국노바티스) Central BP Home BP and CV outcome
11:40 12:20 Plenary Lecture[E]
12:20 12:50 Special Lecture[E]
12:50 13:50 Luncheon IV
Luncheon V(화이자업존) Meet the Expert Session IV [E]
13:50 14:30 Coffee Break
14:30 15:30 전공의 교육 세션 I Session for Clinical Hypertension, the Official Journal of KSH Earlier Treatment of Hypertension Meet the Expert Session V [E]
15:30 16:45 전공의 교육 세션 II Current Status of Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic CV risk control in CKD(신장고혈압) Prevention of Heart Failure from Hypertension
16:45 17:00 Closing Ceremony