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Program at a Glance

Day1 / 2020.11.06 (Fri)

*[E]: English Session

Time in Time out Room A Room B Room C Room D
09:00 10:00 "Industry Sponsored Symposium I
Industry Sponsored Symposium II
Industry Sponsored Symposium III
Industry Sponsored Symposium IV
[HK inno.N]
10:00 10:15 Opening ceremony
10:15 11:30 From Big Data through Machine Learning  Pathophysiology : New Techniques in the Detection of Organ Damages (Basic Hypertension Research Group) Blood Pressure Monitoring : Therapeutic Approach in Nocturnal Blood Pressure (Working Group for Blood Pressure Monitoring)[E] Clinical Research Award
11:40 12:40 Luncheon
12:40 13:55 Home BP Measurement in the Special Population Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation Controversies in Hypertension [E] Young Investigator Award [E]
14:05 15:20 Industrial Satellite Symposium I
Latest Knowledge of Metabolic Syndrome Treatment in Special Conditions : (Working Group on Metabolic Syndrome) Updates on Central Blood Pressure [E] Oral I : International Session [E]
15:30 16:45 Blood Pressure Control in CKD Adherence and Patient Centered Medicine Ambulatory BP Monitoring in Pediatric Hypertension (Pediatric Hypertension Society) [E] Smartphone Applications for Blood Pressure Measurement [E]
16:50 18:00 Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases in Korea (Hypertension Epidemiology Research Group) Research and Practice of Exercise Intervention for Hypertensive Patients Emerging Treatment for Hypertension [E] Role of BP Control in Cognitive Function (The Research Society for Hypertensive Cerebrovascular Diseases)

Day2 / 2020.11.07 (Sat)

*[E]: English Session

Time in Time out Room A Room B Room C Room D
07:00 08:00 Industry Sponsored Symposium V
Industry Sponsored Symposium VI
Industry Sponsored Symposium VII
Industry Sponsored Symposium VIII
08:00 09:00 Meet the Expert Session I
Electrolyte and Drug Therapy
Oral II: International Session [E]
09:10 09:30 Special Lecture [E]
09:40 10:55 Session for Clinical Hypertension, the Official Journal of KSH KSH-PSK Joint Symposium Infection and Hypertension [E] Hot issue in Resistant Hypertension (Working Group of Resistant Hypertension)
11:05 12:05 Industrial Satellite Symposium II
Health Disparities in Hypertension Timining of Anti-Hypertensive Drug Administration [E] Oral III: International Session [E]
12:10 13:10 Luncheon Session I
Luncheon Session II
Luncheon Session III
Meet the Expert Session II
Blood Pressure Variability [E]
13:10 13:30 Coffee Break
13:30 14:40 Essential Course of Hypertension Management for General Practitioners and trainees - Session I. Effective Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring of Hypertension in Primary Care Microcirculation in Hypertensive Heart Disease (Working Group on Hypertension Complication) KSH-Thai Hypertension Society Joint Symposium : Strategy to Increase the Control Rate of Hypertension [E] Meet the Expert Session III Clinical Application of Central Blood Pressure [E]
14:50 16:05 In-Depth Course of Hypertension Management for General Practitioners and Trainees - Session II. Practical Management of Hypertension in Real World New Classification of Pulmonary Hypertension Based on Case Presentation (Korean Research Society of Pulmonary Hypertension) Updates in Aldosterone and Hypertension [E] Meet the Expert Session IV Drug Induced Hypertension [E]
16:15 16:55 Plenary Lecture [E]
16:55 17:00 Closing Ceremony